What is the Paleo Diet Exactly?

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo DietThe Paleo Diet Explained…

The Paleo Diet, or its full name Paleolithic diet, also called Paul diet, stone-age diet, hunter-gatherer diet, and caveman diet, is a healthful diet pan based on the habit and diet of hunter-gatherer ancestors. It’s clear that after 2.6 million years development, our knowledge and minds growing up, but our bodies and brains still need the real and same food as our ancestors, that’s why this diet system called Paul Diet.

Paleo Diet foods just focus on eating real and natural food which includes fish, fresh meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, healthful oils, which works with our genetics well and the paleo diet will help us stay lean, healthful and energetic. And let’s check some advantages of paleo diets.

The Benefits

First of all, depend on the bodies, energy levels, mood and the habit, everyone will get different changes and results, but almost everybody who tried paleo diet agrees that they feel much better. We checked many authority paleo websites and success stories from myself or my friends, and made the follow list:

Lose Fat and Keep Lean, although paleo diet is not the weight loss program but the paleo food will help you building new muscle and less fat. The paleo diet relies heavily on animal flesh and which comes healthy protein and more natural http://ketohq.com/what-is-keto/. In fact, after choosing paleo diet you can eating many food and without doing nothing else you may find your weight just starts comeing off.

Balances Blood Glucose Levels, Paleo Diet will avoiding refined sugar so it’s easy to avoid spikes in your blood glucose levels, and will get more healthy cells.

Healthy and Clear Brain, Now normal American diet lacking omega 3 fatty acids, which found in salmon and eggs, normal people don’t eat it much or even don’t think about it, but it’s main diet in the paleo and be good for your brain and heart.

Improved sleep and more energy, No wakefulness and suffering nightmare again, No need any energy drinks, the paleo diet will help you keep energy and feel good. According to the diet, just choose the right foods you may find that you are tired at night which help you sleep better, and feel energized when wake up in the morning.

Stay away from hungry, Most diets especially lose weight diets keep you in a constant state of hunger, and hunger is the enemy which encourages you eating more. Instead, with paleo diet you will feel full and avoid food cravings.

Paleo Lifestyle Tips

Make your choice, this is the first tip because you need made your choice, insist on fat and bad lifestyle or try the healthy paleo diet lifestyle? All is depend on you, you made the choice.

Prepare and make a plan, you will see many challenge when you try paleo diet especially in the first week, then take an hour the make a plan on your meals, read some paleo guides like paleo recipe book or your guide to paleo, and prepare the paleo foods available in your Kitchen.

Shop at the farmers market, find your local farmers market and grocery stores, now most local farmer markets still have fresh produce, eggs and other paleo healthful foods. Make a plan before shopping, and just buy what you want buy.

Learn cooking.

There are many Paleo foods can’t eat in the restaurant, we suggest you read some paleo cookbooks and learn how to cook at home, you will have more good food and it will save your money, more importantly, after learning how to cook delicious food, you will enjoy cooking your own great meals in the kitchen. And if you get bored, you can try cooking foods that are similar like foods from the the shepherd’s diet. They are basically the same, but the cookbooks i have seen are very different.

Don’t do it alone, you know when you choose paleo diet, you are not only lose weight but changing your major lifestyle, don’t do it all on your own, you need more support and communicate. There have many good paleo diet website and paleo diet books which support you all the time.

Your Guide to Paleo

In conclusion, we recommend you the popular paleo guide book – your guide to paleo, it’s a amazing guide which contains high quality books and website supports, and of course includes all the above we talked about paleo diet, and more.

Change your life, enjoy your life now.


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