Valium And Xanax

Valium And Xanax side effects

Valium And Xanax side effectsPrescription drugs have become a big business in our world today.

Valium And Xanax

There are so many different types of drugs today that it is very important to know the differences in the most used forms.

Our society has a lot of stress associated with working and raising a family.

So much so, that many have taken to getting using drugs to aid in the reduction of this stress.

High school students and college students are also using xanax for either recreational reasons or prescribed by a physician and purchased at an independent pharmacy because of anxiety attacks.

Due to this, there are many drugs on the market now the deal with anxiety, stress, insomnia, and mild depression.

Two of the most common medications for these conditions are valium and xanax.

Xanax (alprazolam) and valium (diazepam) are in the benzodiazepines family.

Disontinuing either medication can be difficult due to withdrawal symptoms and their are addictive issues and warnings to be aware of.

Side effects, abuse and addiction are important to be aware of with these medications.

They each can lead to an increased tolerance which then requires a higher dosage for the same results.

Often xanax abuse symptoms are not recognized or admitted by users.

The dopamine centers are effected and this is part of the hooking quality.

Valium is a known medication for the treatment of anxiety, back pain and for those who have trouble sleeping (insomnia).

We have often heard of our mother or our friend’s mother taking Valium to calm themselves down.

This drug is still prescribed for people who have a hard time coping with stressful situations.

This drug can and has been over used by those who just want to get relief.

Though xanax and ativan are have been prescribed more lately, some physicians as well as patients prefer valium.

Xanax is prescribed for certain types of anxiety like panic attacks and mild to moderate states of depression.

Your physician will make a determination of what he thinks is best.

Both drugs affect your brain and spinal cord which is needed to reduce the effect of anxiety and depression.

These drugs do contain side effects that you should be aware of.

Valium users can experience some mild drowsiness, tiredness, weakness of the muscles, or feeling uncoordinated.

If any of these common side effect become overly irritating or won’t go away, consult with your primary physician.

Definitely seek medical help if you experience any rash, itching, breathing difficulty, swelling, a sore throat, chest tightness, memory loss or confusion as this is serious.

Xanax use can cause you to experience mild side effects like a change of appetite or sexual desire, dry mouth, lightheadedness, dizziness, and constipation.

Severe side effects are similar to valium but also include decreased urination, hallucination, changes in menstruation, and muscle spasms or twitching.
Dealing with anxiety can be difficult without assistance.

Whether you take prescription medication or not, it’s critical to develop techniques to reduce stress.

Try to use natural methods before opting to use any medication.

Remember that valium addiction is a serious problem.

Many people suffer from a benzo addiction and struggle with a cycle of stopping and starting over and over again.

Rehab centers help people taper off and learn more effective strategies to cope with daily anxiety issues.

There are also anti-depressants that are used instead of benzodiazepines both for ex-addicts and those with addictive personality tendencies.


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