HGH Dosage

HGH Dosage

HGH DosageWhat HGH Dosage Should I Use?

Human growth hormone is used for multiple reasons and goals in sport, treatment and beauty industry.

One of the most vital things about HGH is that one should be aware of its side effects, use it properly and know the dosage to be taken.


Actually, the dosage depends on the goals you have. As it is measured in IU and mg (so, 1 mg is approximately 3 UI, and 1 UI equals to 0.33 mg), in beauty industry hgh is used in only small amounts, like 2 UI per day, not more.

That will help to slow down aging and make you look much better. HGh taken in the amount lower than 3 UI per day shows no side effects. All you see are great and fast results like glowing skin and much more energy.

Your sleep gets better and you can eat junk food without gaining weight.(but no, you shouldn’t eat crappy foods!!!)

Small dosage of Human Growth Hormone, like 1 UI per day is widely used for long-term anti-aging programs. They are quite common and show good results while having no obvious side-effects. You can give it a try using this HGH injections expert MD.


If you need human growth hormone for body building, or other sports, then the dosage will vary from 4 to 6 UI.

The same amount is needed for a proper weight loss and appropriate fitness exercises. The thing is that here, from the dosage like 4 UI and more, there start showing side-effects.

Some sportsmen ignore them, as taking HG h gives then extra energy, and lower the dose only if can’t bear such unpleasant side-effects like carpal tunnel syndrome or tingling sensation in their fingers similar to when you’re taking Phentermine for weigh loss.

When you lower the dosage the symptoms disappear in 2-3 weeks. That is why many athletes split the dose in two injections per day. So, they take 2 mg in the morning and 2 mg in the afternoon.

The thing is that it’s not advised to take HGh before sleep as the body releases its own HGh at night.

One of the Human growth hormone side effects is the appearance of water retention in your limbs and face, as this hormone makes the muscle cells take more water. But as I stated  above, all the side effects disappear when you quit using HGh.


In case one has a severe burns or injuries, thy need a dosage equal to 8-16 UI of Hunan growth hormone, but the treatment should take only for a short period.

In therapy Hgh is advised to be used in the dosage of 1-3 UI per day. There is a difference between male and female patients, as an appropriate dosage of Human Growth Hormone can be prescribed as up to 4 UI daily, but for women the dosage shouldn’t bу more than 1-2 UI per day.

Also take into consideration if you’re going to use it as a nootropic. There are cebria memory reviews here is that is what you’re planning that are important on how you are using the drug.

Still, deciding on taking Human Growth Hormone one should evaluate all the possible risks, not only benefits. It’s important to check your health condition and current situation, like taking some other drugs as it Hg h may cause more problems rather than be a solution.

Think over your financial opportunities, as if you plan to take HG h you will have to spare money on that and that is quite a costly thing.


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