Guest Post: Addiction to Oxycontin: Pain and Abuse

addiction to oxycontin

addiction to oxycontinAny addiction is a serious issue, but addiction to oxycontin represents a unique and difficult challenge both to the person addicted and those around him or her.

Oxycontin is a narcotic, or opium derivative, used to treat pain, similar to morphine.

This is used due to pain from work injury’s, sport’s injuries or other forms of chronic pain.

The proper use of oxycontin, which is a brand name for the drug’s active ingredient oxycodone, slowly releases the pain-killer into the system to manage pain over the course of the day.

However, this is a very potent drug which has seen a dramatic explosion of misuse and abuse due to its narcotic properties.

Accidental overdoses by misuse and abuse of oxycontin are unfortunately common.

It can produce a “high” for the user similar to heroin or morphine, an euphoric feeling that is itself the root cause of misuse.

Addiction to oxycontin is an addition to feeling good by abusing a drug.

I’ve seen clients with addictions that never did street drugs but ended up dependent due to pain issues.

Common methods of ingestion for an oxycontin addict include chewing the pills or crushing them up to be snorted or injected directly into the bloodstream.

Even when used properly, people taking oxycontin have developed dependence on the drug to deal with chronic or long-term pain issues.

Though unintentional, this addiction can lead to devastating consequences.

One of the most damaging issues with addiction is the body’s attempt to maintain a healthy balance by building up a resistance to the drug.

This means the user needs to ingest more of the drug to get the same effect they had before.

Many times this isn’t noticed and just becomes an unaware process one feeds.

Side effects of addiction to oxycontin can include emotional disorders, respiratory depression, seizures, and general weakness.

When combined with other depressant drugs or alcohol, use of oxycontin can use to serious health issues and even fatalities.


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