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Family Therapy for Drug Addiction

coping with addiction for families

coping with addiction for familiesEveryone is a product of their family background and family therapy is used as part of a drug addiction recovery program in many cases, even if it’s for a short period of time.

Individual psychotherapy for addiction assists someone in getting less guarded and looking at the underlying causes for the drug or alcohol problem.

With family therapy, additional progress can be gained for a number of reasons.

Family members often can have insight into the drug user’s history as well as coping skills.

“For instance, recently when I spoke with a client who smokes pot daily, his mom mentioned that her son seems to get very down when his best friend Rob calls a different friend to hang out with on weekend evenings,” says Dr. Kieth Allen of detoxofsouthflorida.com.

“My client hadn’t realized that this triggers feelings of rejection and low self-esteem in him which results in him taking a walk outside and getting high.”

We can be blind to our own behaviors and someone living under the same roof can see what triggers our mood swings.

When your loved one is in a rehab clinic, usually are asked to attend family therapy sessions at some point in the healing process.

This is an extremely important part of the recovery process.

You may be hesitant to attend these sessions, but rest assured that they will be a helpful support for him or her.

If it is a volatile situation, the therapist will be able to pick up the family dynamics and how these interactions can negatively create the cycles.

Substance abuse is individual, but it can be impacted by one’s family to a large degree. Family therapy will help everyone to see if the addict feels alienated, judged, insecure and what his role is in the home.

The best thing you can do in these sessions is to be honest and look at how you all treat each other, what expectations you place upon each other and how the patterns get created.


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