Drinking And Hard Liquor Dangers

dangers of drinking

dangers of drinkingMost people are not familiar with the effects that hard alcohol has on their body. drinks with high alcohol content

It is a very different effect than what you get from consuming beer or wine.

We’ll be taking a look at the effects of drinking different types of hard alcohol, and how it is different from other types of drinks.

Hard alcohol is a liquor that contains more than 20% alcohol by volume.

These include vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, brandy, cognac, and other distilled alcohol.

Sometimes hard liquor is consumed in small amounts like 2 ounce shot glasses, buy many times it is consumed as a mixed drink.

The danger with drinking hard alcohol is when it’s mixed to create a drink that has a high alcohol content, but it has the taste of the mixer.

You then become unaware of much you’re actually drinking.

If you were to combine vodka with cranberry juice, even a small amount of cranberry juice will lessen the taste of the vodka.

Thus, you will have a high volume of alcohol but it won’t have the harsh taste of drinking the vodka in a pure shot glass.

If you were to consume it by sipping it over time, then more than likely the alcohol’s effects would be kept in check.

That’s because you’d be very conscious of the amount of hard liquor that you would be drinking.

Hard Liquor Alcohol Content Compared to Beer

Also, a recipe for a mixed drink varies depending on the bartender and also on the establishment that is serving the drink.

There are different types of hard alcohol and brands with different alcohol content.

Some hard alcohol can have up to 51% of alcohol by volume.

When you compare that with beer which is usually anywhere from 4 to 6% alcohol, you can see that one mixed drink can contain as much alcohol as up to four beers.

Dangers Of Drinking Hard Liquor

This can become very dangerous especially if you’re driving a car.

You could have just one mixed drink and that could be equal to having consumed four beers in a relatively short period of time.

This could make any person be over the alcohol limit in most jurisdictions.

It also greatly impairs your ability to drive and you can cause an accident. Even if you’re not the one hurt, worse, you can end up killing someone else.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want the realization that I’ve killed a child or someone’s son or daughter let alone an adult.

So, just be careful when drinking all types of hard alcohol.

If you have a history of addiction, then this is something you need to avoid all together.

If you can drink socially, be aware of the proportions that you drinking and the actual amount of all alcohol that you’re consuming.

In this way you can avoid the trouble of being charged with driving under the influence as well as not fall into an alcohol problem on a physical and psychological level .


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