Alcohol Liver Damage Symptoms

alcohol and liver problems

People often like to go the bars after work and enjoy happy hour with their peers.

For some, drinking alcohol is an occasional past-time, but for other people, drinking has become an addiction.

This addiction often leads to physical, emotional, and social problems.

We know that excessive drinking can cause someone to lose their job, family, and friends, but you can also lose your life.

Excessive drinking can lead to severe problems for your liver.

Alcohol liver damage is a condition that may be caused by excessive drinkers face after years of overindulgence.

Conditions like, acute alcoholic hepatitis can be life threatening and women are more easily affected than men.

Most people feel that they aren’t at risk of any liver problems because they rarely “get drunk”? when they socialize.

However, you don’t have to always get drunk to develop this health risk, and it doesn’t affect every heavy drinker either.

An alcoholic intervention may be helpful to wake up the drinker.

Depending on how severe your conditions are, the symptoms can vary.

This damage starts as an inflammation and can lead to cirrhosis, which is the final phase of this kind of organ injury.

In advance stages of this condition, you will have pain and tenderness in your abdomen.

You can have feeling of dry mouth with extreme thirst.

You can also experience fevers, fatigue, a loss of appetite, nausea, and mood changes.

The good thing about the liver is that it is able to heal itself.

If the damage is not too bad or hasn’t become cirrhosis, then it is possible to repair the injury.

To start the process of repairing this organ you need to stop drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is what caused the injury in the first place.

So even causal, social drinking is out of the question.

If your find that your alcohol liver damage symptoms are caused by cirrhosis, you will need to get medical treatment for it.

In extreme cases you may have to have a full liver transplant.

Be aware of symptoms like weight gain, because this could be due to fluid collecting in the abdomen.

Seek medical attention if you feel confusion, attention deficit, black or bloody stool, feelings of faintness, lethargy or vomiting blood.


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